Friday, September 3, 2010


Now looking at this shoe alone it looks like it belongs to a dominatrix because of the studs and the red underside. But when paired with Victoria's outfit these racy features are played down appropriately.

 Former Spice girl and spouse to the famed soccer star David Beckham, the beautiful Victoria Beckham has become quite the fashionista over the past few years. Here she is spotted walking in London wearing a slim casual navy blazer with a long low cut white tank top with a collection of very nice accessories. From her toes up Victoria is draped in style. On her feet Christian Louboutin Alta boots, on her arm Goyard Overnight bag, and her own Victoria Beckham Grill Aviator Sunglasses over her eyes. I really like how her outfit is composed, the heels make it sexy, the blazer adds sophistication, the long loose and low cut shirt suggests leisure, and the big bag and sunglasses portray luxury. 

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