Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Twenty-five year old latina Bernice Burgos from the Bronx, New York is a very fresh face to modeling. But after just one year and a half, she has already landed spreads for King, Show, and Source Magazine, as well as feature in 'Notorious', not to mention her first modeling gig was Jim Jones' 'Pop Champagne' video. So with this launch into the game, Bernice is sure to soon reach her goals of acting and shooting major print spreads. 
Ms. Burgos' stats:
Bust: 34C
Waist: 25
Hips: 40


Frame: Bone & Matte Black Carbon
Lens: Grey Polarized Mineral Glass
Use: Sea

Frame: Black and Antique Brushed Silver
Lens: G-15 Non-Polarized Mineral Glass
Use: Air

Frame: Root beer Brown & Shiny White Gold
Lens: Brown Polarized Mineral Glass
Use: Land

The Lancier Division of Dita Eyewear is devoted to those who like to go fast, whether its on land, sea, or air. They even have specific shades for each scenario, which makes this collection so unique. As a specialized division of Dita Eyewear,  Lancier provides the highest optical quality. Handcrafted in Japan and engineered to perform just as well as the individuals who wear them, Lancier has all shades you need whether your flying your new jet, racing your Maserati, or sailing through the isles.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


There are clothing lines that put military themes and styles into the composition of their clothing and then there's Nom De Guerre, a line that really emulates the character of militaries and armies. Just this lookbook seems like a spread from the national geographic, maybe from a photographer capturing some type of foreign conflict. Im a huge fan of clothing with military influences because when this style is refined correctly the clothing can have the same quality, utility, and 'sleek-ness' as the uniforms worn by military officers. Nom de Guerre's muted imagery of military presence in war portrays a very contemporary and refined look. Asphalt grey and black blazers are worn with fitted cargo pants, vests and pocketed coats layer dress shirts and ties...I must also add that I am very surprised and happy to see that this designer chose to shoot so many black models.


Finely put together and well done is what I thought of when I saw Filippa K's Fall 2010 collection. I like how it nearly seems as if these are the clothes from their models' closet. The line is not overly designed and it appears very comfortable. I think they did an excellent job with the selection of their model. His casual scruffy style goes hand in hand with their smart, casual, 'non-flashy' style. Filippa K is a very business causal line with enough elegance to be seen out on the town and their model only supports this intelligent look. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010


The Paraty House by Marcio Kogan in Paraty, RJ, Brazil

During the day this long patio provides space for barbecues, tanning, and swimming in the infinity pool

At night this patio can act as a stage for entertainment, parties, drinking, and lounging in the hot tub located at the end of the pool

The dining and living room are conveniently in the same space adjacent from one another. The balcony looks over the beach, pool and patio below. The view is framed by the long rectangular shape of the room.

Aquamarine water front approach shows the exotic and tropical landscape of the Brazilian coast

The lighting of this home was really designed with care  natural light flows through the home as it should and floor and ceiling light showcases the great moments in the home.

The reinforced concrete gives a similar texture as stacked stone, but the concrete is nice because it is actually a relief pattern from construction.

Eucalyptus sticks for blinds, create a natural shade for the bedroom

The top tier green roof is used to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs...and the roof provides this amazing view of the Brazilian coast

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Congratulations to Jimena Navarrete, Miss Universe 2010! I knew it had to be either her or Miss Jamaica , but Miss Jamaica shouldn't have worn that loud blue prom dress, Miss Philippines was cute but she couldn't answer the easiest question, and Miss Ukraine and Miss Australia were just wackkkkk...overall for a competition that claims to represent the entire world, the top 15 should have been a more diverse and attractive group of girls. I also think they could of afforded to add another 5 girls to the top 15, which would add just one more round to the competition.

Miss Jamaica::Yendi Phillipps
Absolutely beautiful


 Below are a couple of girls who I believe should have received much more attention last night.

Miss Norway::Melinda Elvenas
I bet you didn't think Miss Norway had some color 

Miss Haiti::Sarodj Bertin

Miss Ireland::Rozanna Purcell