Friday, July 30, 2010


A fun, tropical place right on ocean drive on South Beach. Live latin music, sexy women, and an overall exciting setting. Ill be adding my pics later, but i highly suggest this world renoun party place. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010




As soon the weathers warms up just enough, one of the first pairs of shoes we pull out of the closet are the Sperry's. They are a perfect spring and summer shoe. But now Sperry has teamed up with Band of Outsiders and plans to be your shoe of choice for the fall as well. Its nice to see a classic shoe take a new shape. The nylons are my favorite of the two, so ill be checking for more colors.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


If you haven't seen Neyo's latest video, you're missing the transformation of an artist. It seems like Neyo has been getting to work in the dance studio, he got moves and he lost pounds. Also this isn't your average music video, if you get the chance check out the full video (or should I say short film) on tv you will see that it lasts nearly 10 minutes...and I must say it is very reminiscent of the late great Michael Jackson


Completed in 2009 by the Felipe Gonzalez-Pacheco Architects, this delicately designed home looks like something I dream to design one day. This home was designed for two families, which makes this an interesting project. Each family is made up of a mother, father, and two small children. That seems like a lot of people, but through design, square footage and space have been allocated efficiently. This home's intelligent composition allows the families to either grow independently or together. I really like the design motive of a private shared home. I also love the location in Bogota, Colombia, it places the home in a lush green landscape.


If you've made it through the first 2 rounds of Best's 21st birthday weekend you might as well finish strong tonight at Club Venu. Theres still time to get on the guest list!

Saturday, July 24, 2010




This might be my new favorite line for women, Balmain is a french line by designer Cristophe Decarnin. Although Balmain is notoriously expensive, its worth the loans you'll be repaying for years to come...Ill add more info later


The Gallaway

The Cavanaugh

The Madison
Here are a couple of the new arrivals from Stacy Adams. Its is a classic and distinguished line that has kept its consumers in mind and its probably a name even your grandfather knows. Most of their shoes dont even cost more than $90.  Even though a lot of people know Stacy Adams for their 'pimp-like' colors and textures, I like Stacy Adams for their smooth lines and quality leather. The line has also seemed to tone down their colors. The above shoes come in black, cool grey, dark blue, and chocolate brown. Although they do have some over the top things, i like these new arrivals.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Straddling the line, between the roughneck and the refined gentleman. Lanvin's upcoming season seems to takes place in a world similar to The Matrix and The Book of Eli. Zip-off-sleeved leather jackets, drop shouldered outerwear, and perfectly tailored trenchcoats, are all shown tucked in high storm trooper boots. Most of the shoes are leather finished and brushed with a grey, brown, or blue stain. Its a sleek and cold style, and I love the mix of rugged textures and refined materials.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


After thinking about who I wanted to post this week, I figured I would post a beautiful girl who does more than just model, as a matter of fact, a girl that might just model on the side because she can. So I chose Dania Ramirez, the unbelievably 31 year old Dominican actress has featured in movies like "The Matrix", "X-Men", and even a Spike Lee joint named "She Hate Me". But don't sleep on Dania yet, she is also been featured in multiple tv series. I first saw her on Heroes, but in this new season of Entourage she'll be making recurring appearances. Hopefully more than Bow Wow....So keep a look out for Dania, her sultry bronze skin tone and sexy slim frame are sure to be gracing your tv screen soon. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Your wardrobe isnt the only thing that should develop with your age. Lets look at it this are no longer in middle school or high school, carrying gym clothes and all your textbooks at once. So there is no need for you to continue to wear one of these oversized, humpback Jansport backpacks. 
Now consider this...You are now in college or working. You most likely have a laptop, maybe an Ipod or Ipad, and a camera. When you commute to class or work the most you carry is a textbook or two, a laptop, and a notebook, then maybe an Ipod. You occasionally study in cafe's, lounge's and college common areas. Am I right? So why don't you wear something that is appealing and that caters to your specific needs??? 
Below is the Incase X Apple Japan collaboration "Lucky Bag" or "Fukubukuro" in Japanese. This custom 2010 compact backpack features red accents with a cyan blue interior.

Laptop, Sunglasses, Notebook, Textbook...Cut the slack
Back cushion for those long commutes to work, home, or class
Now for the ladies, i know some of you have made the ambitious decision to begin taking your biggest designer handbag to class. You shove everything and your kitchen sink in it, but i want you to realize that you can be cute, smart, and classy without destroying one of your favorite bags. Below is the limited edition Incase X Apple 2010 "Carrousel du Louvre" messenger bag, which is inspired by the actual Louvre in Paris, France. You can see the inspiration in the bold geometric pattern of blue and pink covering its exterior. 

The grey interior features a laptop sleeve and a Iphone slider case.

Now please allow your 

Monday, July 19, 2010


Pharrell, one of the greater artists and thinkers of our time, who I have always respected and admired, is interviewed by Diggy Simmons for the K!dult leadership conference. Diggy questions Pharrell on the meaning of coming from 'nothing', ego, and success. I think that anyone with aspirations in any field, (but especially the art field) can learn from Pharrell's artistic expression, his ability to stick his hand in the various realms of art, and his knowledge of achieving success.
And I know its long, but hang in there, you just might learn something


Ive gotta another Y-3 update! For the fall/winter 2010, Y-3 has added the Neo Tech collection to their roster. This new collection makes old school go modern, molding your old 1990's sneakers with modern materials of luxury. The first color way, composed of red, lavender and silver, has a futuristic and retro feel, while the second shows a fierce, sleek, modern style with black, white and silver.

Y-3's Women's Cushion Wedge is where sexy and sporty meet. Theres something about these that catches the eye. And I know a lot of you ladies are thinking about how uncomfortable these will be, just like the rest of your heels and I can understand your concern, but you must remember these wedges are born from Adidas. They feature Adidas patented adiPRENE technology for cushioning and shock absorption, just like your running shoes...So imagine that
Theres plenty more Y-3 where this came from, and you'll be the first to know


Sorry I missed you guys yesterday, but today I wanna continue to prepare you for the fall. Here are a few sneakers from the Y-3 collection. For those of you who may not know, Y-3 is a sect of Addidas. You could say Y-3 is to Addidas as Purple Label is to Polo. Its has a unique contemporary sportswear style designed by Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Here is the leading shoe Y-3 plans to throw at us this fall. Its obvious this shoe is inspired by the 'rockstar' style, which I have to admit is becoming a little bit played out. But these are still fresh. What is unique about these shoes is that they are unisex... Just don't wear matching pairs with your girl.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


So I just got these Yves Saint Laurent 80's inspired black on black hi-tops and I really like the other burgandy and white color way as well, its got me thinkin about makin a return.

But i think my next YSL purchase will be one of these Puma X YSL collaboration sneakers. Im a fan of both of the brands. The first set is more of a casual sneaker theyre a little looser and made with premium perforated suede and leather.
This second set is basically the same, except it is a little more formal. The shoes appear to have a more polished leather and a smoother suede than the first set. Rock the first set at your friends house party and slide in the second set for the club.


I just peeped these Martin Margiela cut out sneakers. These are perfect for you ladies who aren't big sneaker collectors. You can easily avoid the 'hood rat' label with these $575 salmon leather and suede sneakers. They're perfect for the summer time. Take a long walk, head downtown, or go shoppin with your girls.