Sunday, December 19, 2010


As we approach January, deep in the 2010 Winter season, I've noticed more details on cardigans and coats that hint to a nautical style more so than this season's military style. I'm also beginning to believe this may be a clue to what the next fall season may bring.The Company of We 'Moses Toggle Peacoat' has the same classic tailored cut of a peacoat with sharp lapels, but its organic cotton rope detail and the natural horn toggle enclosure cause me to envision this peacoat on the backs of sailors and classic fishermen. The thick cotton rope and the toggles add a detail that allow for the Moses coat to easily stand out among the double breasted button downs. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I believe that a home truly reflects someones character, values, hobbies, and interests and Pharrell's apartment does this magnificently. Lofted above Miami's aqua shoreline, the apartment has the open and natural light quality of a studio. The high ceilings and range of views are what seem to give the apartment a special quality. This quality accompanies his extensive collection of artwork very well. Although he seems to have a deep interest in the work of KAWS and the Family Guy TV show, Pharrell's collection includes collaborations of his own, and the artwork of several other renoun artists from around the world. I only wish there were more pictures to reveal more of his private lair.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Fresh out of the studio, here it is 'Without the Brakes'!  Without brakes perfectly describes G-Riot's momentum right now. The song reveals exactly what he aims for and where he sees himself in the near future, so snap the brakes off, push the pedal to the metal and follow G-Riot in the fast life to success and fame.


::Spirit Hi-Top::

::Campus Term Scott II Hi-Top::

::Torque Spirit Hi-Top::

It is the season of military flare, but wearing your combat boots everyday is a little over the top and your feet may not be too happy with you. These G Star hi-tops offer a more casual option for your fall/winter wardrobe . With shoes like these, its really the details that must be appreciated. The paneling, the leather loops, the zippers, and even the stitching is what separates these from Converses. Although its not my favorite, I think the first shoe, the Spirit Hi-Top, really draws my eye because of the carefully selected color used on canvas with suede paneling. I truly cannot decide which is my favorite of the three, I love the striped texture on the toe of the Campus Term Scott Hi-Top and how it folds at the ankles. But the third shoe, the Torque Spirit Hi-Top, makes a nice contrast between the black leather and the caramel rubber sole. It also features a zipper on the side to allow it to be worn open, offering a more 'rugged' look. So give those boots a break once in a while and go casual.

Friday, November 12, 2010


-Three-eye chronograph

-Renzo's initials-

-Renzo Rosso's signature and limited edition identification number-

In order to commemorate his birthday, Diesel founder Renzo Rosso has recently released the 'This is My Time' watch. The watch not only celebrates his birthday, but also the sharp military style that has been the leading trend this fall. Its extra large 57mm black face and hands, the camo-green canvas strap, and the abstraction of numbers characterize its military style. It is minimal, but do not be quick to confuse this with plain. Although you may be confused by the seemingly random numbers on the face, it is the most clever thing about this watch. The 9, 15, and 55 signify, Renzo's 55th birthday on September 15th of this year. Clever right? 
If you're in Boston, you can grab your limited time piece at the Diesel store located on Newbury Street while they last!


Sultry does not begin to describe Ms. Lugo's entire aura. Her bronze-caramel complexion is one of a kind and those eyes of hers will have you captivated for hours. Emmaly can thank her Puerto Rican, Greek, and Hawaiian descent for her luscious looks. Among her numerous photo shoots since the age of 15, Emmaly's most memorable moments were her appearances in music videos for Lil Wayne, Keith Sweat, DJ Khaled, Lil Jon, Tyrese, and Joe. With her aspirations set in the clouds and her hopes of covering the top men's magazines, I am sure this is just the beginning for Emmaly.

And this is just half of why her nickname is "The Total Package"
Bust: 34 C
Waist: 24
Hips: 36
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 122 lbs