Thursday, January 13, 2011


.:view from atop the staircase into the the lobby:.

.:the second floor of the restaurant:.

.:my EXACT view at from our table:.

.:Lobster Crab Cakes:.

So I know this post is a little overdue, but this restaurant made a long lasting impression. When it comes restaurants, presentation is half of what can make them so special. The entire experience should have a unique quality, not only the food. To ring in the new year, I chose to dine and celebrate at Post 390 on Stuart St. nearby Copley Sq. in Boston. Young professionals of a "mid-mature" age mingled in the main bar in the entrance lobby, small conversation of business ventures and vacation memories filled the dim setting. We sat on the second floor away from the crowd, but still adjacent to the view of the John Hancock building and Trinity church. And I cannot forget the food, it was rich, delicious, and portioned to satisfy. When the clock struck 12, waiters served complimentary campagne and we all toasted to the new year. Post 390 has paired both an enticing setting and a quality menu to become worthy of your visit.

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