Sunday, November 28, 2010


::Spirit Hi-Top::

::Campus Term Scott II Hi-Top::

::Torque Spirit Hi-Top::

It is the season of military flare, but wearing your combat boots everyday is a little over the top and your feet may not be too happy with you. These G Star hi-tops offer a more casual option for your fall/winter wardrobe . With shoes like these, its really the details that must be appreciated. The paneling, the leather loops, the zippers, and even the stitching is what separates these from Converses. Although its not my favorite, I think the first shoe, the Spirit Hi-Top, really draws my eye because of the carefully selected color used on canvas with suede paneling. I truly cannot decide which is my favorite of the three, I love the striped texture on the toe of the Campus Term Scott Hi-Top and how it folds at the ankles. But the third shoe, the Torque Spirit Hi-Top, makes a nice contrast between the black leather and the caramel rubber sole. It also features a zipper on the side to allow it to be worn open, offering a more 'rugged' look. So give those boots a break once in a while and go casual.

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