Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The Propulsion Hi
-These are the sneakers I 'coulda-shoulda-woulda' had- 
The Propulsion Hi is just that perfect black on black shoe. Its nothing too crazy but they're equipped with enough style to rock the runway.

I also love to see new 'flavors' like this "Outer space Yellow". Its nice to see colors other than black, silver, and red on high tops. Those color ways are too often repeated when there is potential for sneakers like this.

The Lunar Rover
-This shoe also comes in black and silver, but this red is so striking!-
This may be over the top for you, but I love to own shoes that no one else owns or has the confidence to wear. Prada America's Cup curves with Alessandro Dell'Acqua Straps...Nice

The Jet Pack
-This shoe also comes in silver, and blood red (not as 'striking' as the red above)-
They remind me of a futuristic version of my Yves Saint Laurent's with the strap and ankle pocket. I like the little details...this pocket could become very handy for us guys on those late nights ;) 

Android Homme x Supply Circuit Propulsion Hi Collaboration
-A well made matted and textured version of the above Propulsion Hi-
For those who don't want to shine all the time

Android Homme x Brian Lichtenburg 'Propulsion Hi' Collaboration Shoe
-An 'Astroid Black' coated version of the Propulsion Hi-
These will definitely catch a few eyes, it looks like gasoline was smeared over the patent leather, and I'm not saying it doesn't look cool, I just understand it's not for everyone. These would probably be those sneakers you buy and put in a case in your living room just to have as a conversation piece. BUT! if you can do it, Lace up and hit the streets astronaut!

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