Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I'm extremely excited to say that I will be joining the staff of the Allsaints Spitalfields store located on Newbury Street here in Boston. New to the United States, Allsaints' has only made appearances at 13 store locations here in the states. Only 6 months old, the Boston store is one of the newest company stores, but it has the same flare as the rest.

Notice the lighting, it is reminiscent of a movie set...You're the actor, here are your clothes, life is you're set, now make a movie.

As I'm sure you have noticed from the above pictures, Allsaints is not your average clothing store. The ornate decor and attention to detail reflect as well as embody the image and projection of the company's style. Creating a new and inviting environment for the shopper is one of the primary goals of the company.
If you've ever walked on Newbury Street and seen this wall of sewing machines, it was Allsaints creative facade. Although it does not showcase the clothing, it is a clever architectural move. By placing all the machines in the window it draws pedestrians to the window, and from there they are able to see past the machines into the store.

::Fall/Winter 2010 Look Book::

The above scenes from the Allsaints Spitalfields' Fall/Winter 2010 look book promise a signature mix of delicate fabrics and shapes, with a dark rock edge.  The Allsaint designers have created a vintage look with whispery silks and chiffons, layered up with leather and chunky knits, or blade-sharp tailoring crushed and washed. Dirty American old west and old Hollywood glamour.

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