Wednesday, July 14, 2010


First he jumps back on the scene with the "Invented Sex" remix and Gucci's single "Spotlight", then "Hey Daddy", next the number one single "OMG" feat. Will. I. Am, and now he presents "There Goes My Baby"...Trey is nice, but Usher is a Vet!
Usher has been head to head with Trey Songz on the R&B scene recently, but his mix of urban style and high fashion sets him apart. This style that has progressively evolved since his last album "Here I Stand" and has been expressed through the majority of his videos for his latest "Raymond vs. Raymond" album. But his style isn't only shown by his collection of exclusive sunglasses, expensive shoes, or Italian jackets (which I would snatch any day) but also...
by this classic 1963 Shelby Cobra he's pushin', PRICELESS...

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