Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Your wardrobe isnt the only thing that should develop with your age. Lets look at it this way...you are no longer in middle school or high school, carrying gym clothes and all your textbooks at once. So there is no need for you to continue to wear one of these oversized, humpback Jansport backpacks. 
Now consider this...You are now in college or working. You most likely have a laptop, maybe an Ipod or Ipad, and a camera. When you commute to class or work the most you carry is a textbook or two, a laptop, and a notebook, then maybe an Ipod. You occasionally study in cafe's, lounge's and college common areas. Am I right? So why don't you wear something that is appealing and that caters to your specific needs??? 
Below is the Incase X Apple Japan collaboration "Lucky Bag" or "Fukubukuro" in Japanese. This custom 2010 compact backpack features red accents with a cyan blue interior.

Laptop, Sunglasses, Notebook, Textbook...Cut the slack
Back cushion for those long commutes to work, home, or class
Now for the ladies, i know some of you have made the ambitious decision to begin taking your biggest designer handbag to class. You shove everything and your kitchen sink in it, but i want you to realize that you can be cute, smart, and classy without destroying one of your favorite bags. Below is the limited edition Incase X Apple 2010 "Carrousel du Louvre" messenger bag, which is inspired by the actual Louvre in Paris, France. You can see the inspiration in the bold geometric pattern of blue and pink covering its exterior. 

The grey interior features a laptop sleeve and a Iphone slider case.

Now please allow your 

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