Monday, November 1, 2010


I love these "sneaker-fall boot" hybrids. The weathered and distressed leather of these shoes give them so much character. I think the addition of boot details like the buckle and the short heel also make these boots so special.

Ladies I bet you didn't know Creative Recreation had footwear for you too.
I was intrigued by the 3 in 1 knee high boots which can zip off to 3 different levels without looking embarrasingly tacky.

-The Vitale-

 I actually saw someone wearing these the other day and it was my first time seeing them and had no clue that they were Creative Recreations until I asked. But I really enjoy this shoe in the above 'Vintage' print. Its different, but restrains from being over the top and although it looks similar to other "strappy" shoes out there, I appreciate the gum soles.

It looks like Creative Recreation is trying to maintain its significant position in this competitive sneaker industry. Now the signature sneaker line has a hierarchy of multiple collections including the 'Essentials- our basics', 'Choice-Lifestyle Signatures', 'Select-Contemporary Casuals', and 'The Collection-Inspirational'.  Overall the company has put more detail and care into their shoes and it really shows because they have done a great job with staying on top of the latest trends.

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