Monday, August 9, 2010


Check out the Balenciaga's Kanye is sporting, while collaborating with Brambilla

Directed and produced by both Kanye West and artist Marco Brambilla, the 'Power' music video, embodies the notion and perception of power itself. Kanye sought after Brambilla's photo-montage style after seeing his installation piece named "Civilization".  While watching the video, you will notice that it is more of a moving painting coming to life, illustrating ones power and those fighting for it. Brambilla drew inspirations from Michelangelo's fresco's (paintings) on the ceilings of the Sistene Chapel located in Rome, Italy. Brambilla, who is normally reluctant to the music video genre, "wanted to do something which was more like a visual accompaniment the the track." Its great to see two very different artists put their hands together to bring something new and refreshing to the rap genre. This video portrait is extremely elaborate and effective and really I hope Kayne continues to bring the hip hop community real artwork of all forms.

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