Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Frame: Bone & Matte Black Carbon
Lens: Grey Polarized Mineral Glass
Use: Sea

Frame: Black and Antique Brushed Silver
Lens: G-15 Non-Polarized Mineral Glass
Use: Air

Frame: Root beer Brown & Shiny White Gold
Lens: Brown Polarized Mineral Glass
Use: Land

The Lancier Division of Dita Eyewear is devoted to those who like to go fast, whether its on land, sea, or air. They even have specific shades for each scenario, which makes this collection so unique. As a specialized division of Dita Eyewear,  Lancier provides the highest optical quality. Handcrafted in Japan and engineered to perform just as well as the individuals who wear them, Lancier has all shades you need whether your flying your new jet, racing your Maserati, or sailing through the isles.

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