Thursday, August 26, 2010


The Paraty House by Marcio Kogan in Paraty, RJ, Brazil

During the day this long patio provides space for barbecues, tanning, and swimming in the infinity pool

At night this patio can act as a stage for entertainment, parties, drinking, and lounging in the hot tub located at the end of the pool

The dining and living room are conveniently in the same space adjacent from one another. The balcony looks over the beach, pool and patio below. The view is framed by the long rectangular shape of the room.

Aquamarine water front approach shows the exotic and tropical landscape of the Brazilian coast

The lighting of this home was really designed with care  natural light flows through the home as it should and floor and ceiling light showcases the great moments in the home.

The reinforced concrete gives a similar texture as stacked stone, but the concrete is nice because it is actually a relief pattern from construction.

Eucalyptus sticks for blinds, create a natural shade for the bedroom

The top tier green roof is used to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs...and the roof provides this amazing view of the Brazilian coast

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