Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Congratulations to Jimena Navarrete, Miss Universe 2010! I knew it had to be either her or Miss Jamaica , but Miss Jamaica shouldn't have worn that loud blue prom dress, Miss Philippines was cute but she couldn't answer the easiest question, and Miss Ukraine and Miss Australia were just wackkkkk...overall for a competition that claims to represent the entire world, the top 15 should have been a more diverse and attractive group of girls. I also think they could of afforded to add another 5 girls to the top 15, which would add just one more round to the competition.

Miss Jamaica::Yendi Phillipps
Absolutely beautiful


 Below are a couple of girls who I believe should have received much more attention last night.

Miss Norway::Melinda Elvenas
I bet you didn't think Miss Norway had some color 

Miss Haiti::Sarodj Bertin

Miss Ireland::Rozanna Purcell

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