Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Travis Porter is back again with more of that southern twang yall cant get enough of. Expect more club hits and bedroom beats on this new mixtape. My favorites are 'Chevrolet', 'Fall Out', 'Bad', 'Slick', and 'Circles'. Porter House music group shows no signs of slowing down.
In case you've never seen a Travis Porter performance, or any club performance in the south, they tend to get wild. But Travis Porter got female fans gettin' completely naked on stage! What?! Yea something like a new 2 Live Crew. Check out the below footage:

The boys from Travis have been working hard putting out mixtapes every couple months, so you might have missed this mixtape Proud to Be a Problem. But I dont think it brings as much heat as I am Travis Porter, but there are some hot tracks like 'Feet Ball', 'Proud to be a Problem', 'Hotel', and 'Lemme Take You Out'

And for yall who still dont understand this whole Travis Porter thing and you want to know their story, below is their short film about their upbringing in East Atlanta to their current climb to fame.

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